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Musical Rooms...

Musical Rooms

We are playing "musical rooms" at my house. This is similar to the children's game of "musical chairs" in which everyone switches chairs while the music plays. I made the "brilliant" decision about a month ago to change my house around. The living room was the largest room in the house, but seldom used at all, so I decided to change that situation.

I always really hate the musical chairs game as a child because someone was left with no chair when the music stopped, and that child was out of the game. I'm finding that playing musical rooms is almost the same thing as playing musical chairs.

Let the games begin.

The office will become my daughter's bedroom. Her bedroom will become my grandson's bedroom. The living room will become the media room. But, just like in musical chairs, we seem to be one room short. When the music stopped, I no longer had a living room -- unless you consider the attic the living room since that is where all my furniture is, except the hutch, which is now in the kitchen, one end of which has become the dining room.

I knew moving rooms around was going to be bad, but I didn't realize just how bad. It is almost like moving from one home to another except I'm packing and unpacking all at the same time. Nothing is in the same place and a new place has to be found for almost everything. I spent the evening yesterday figuring out what to do with all the leftover items, and tripping over topsy-turvy computer cables in an upside-down house.

Furthermore, my house is full of strangers. The TV people came on Saturday to move the television connections. The phone company came yesterday to put in a new phone jack. The cable company came to move the Internet connection. I still have to get movers to move some of the heavy things to the attic that we can't budge and probably a handy man. The pictures are all the wrong places. That means patching the nail holes and touching up the paint.

My grandson's room is hopeless. It will have to be repainted. He has selected orange as the color choice he wants. Never ask an eight-year-old what color to paint a room. I feel like I'm living in a Dr. Suess story. Mr. Brown is upside down and everything else too.

Is the ceiling fan on the floor? We didn't move the bathroom, did we? Thank goodness the refrigerator is still in the same place, And the furniture for my grandson's room, which is now in the attic, can stay there until the movers come.

It is hard trying to carry on with normal life in the middle of all the chaos. People have to eat, sleep, take a shower once in a while, and go to work. The normal tasks are hard to do because we are too busy dealing with the abnormal ones.

At least it is only temporary. Actually, the living. er.. media room didn't look too bad this morning. It will just take some getting used to. I still feel as if I am living in someone else's house, though. I'm trying hard not to think about it right now as I might loose my sanity completely. I'm already having nightmares about the Cat in the Hat.

Please stop the music while paint I the bedroom orange.

Copyright 2006 Sheila Moss

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