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Happy Flu Year....

Happy Flu Year

Christmas is over for the year and it must have been merry for some folks.  The rest of us were too busy fighting bad colds and the viruses to be very merry.  They say, misery loves company, and I seem to have a lot company with my misery this year. 
I donít know why, but every time a holiday comes around lately, I am sick. Honestly, it is not because Iím trying to get out of fixing dinner for the family.  Normally, Iím never sick, but my resistance isn't resisting as it should. At Thanksgiving the only thing I had to be thankful for was a miserable sinus infection. 

And being the eager type, I was the first one at the office to be sick this season.  I hate being first as I feel like Iím getting the fish eye as if I am faking it and only trying to get out of work.  I figured that sooner or later, whatever was going around would catch up with the rest of them.

It did. 

About Christmas time I noticed the office was suddenly strangely empty. Everyone was calling in sick right and left.  Boy, I thought smugly, Iím sure glad I've had the crud already and Iím over it.  Now they will see how I felt.


Just because you've had the bug doesnít mean you can get it again.  In spite of my previous round with illness and the flu shot I so bravely stood in line to get in October, I caught the crud again. While everyone else at the office stayed at home and nursed their misery, I worked.  I had already taken my sick time. Besides, since everyone was sick already, so I couldnít give them anything else even if I tried.

Next thing I knew, my honey had it.  He seldom misses work, but whatever it is was going around his office too.  He hates to go to the doctor, so when he decided to, I knew he must be really sick.
Before long my daughter was complaining about a sore throat and wanting to go to the doctor.  More misery.

At Christmas my granddaughter was sick and had been to the doctor.  I hadnít been around her, so it had to come from somewhere else. I hate it when kids are sick. 

I checked the Internet to see if there was an epidemic.  None that I could find, but they seem not to know the people I know. 

My other daughter called and left a voice mail message -- at least I thought it was my daughter.  Her voice was so hoarse, I really wasnít sure.  

I called her back, ďWe are all sick,Ē she squeaked.  We are putting Christmas off for a few days so we can get well. 

Good grief, is there no one that isnít sick?  Misery may love company, but not enough to spoil Christmas for the entire city.

I think Iím about over it now -- for the second time.  Iím hoping to break the circle of contagion by taking a few days off for the holidays.

If misery loves company, then I donít want to be company for a while.  Iíve done my tour already and Iíd like to call it quits. 

If anyone hasnít had the flu yet, please donít come around.  If thereís one thing I donít want more than anything else,  itís a happy flu year.

Copyright 2008 Sheila Moss

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