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Columnist, Sheila Moss, is humor writer from  Tennessee. She writes  a weekly human interest column about daily life and the funny things that happen to everyone.

   She has written for  the Daily News of Kingsport,   Griffin Journal, Oakridge Now, Atlanta Woman Magazine, Aberdeen Examiner, Angleton Advocate,  and Smyrna AM, a supplement of the Murfreesboro Daily News Journal. She has been published by Voyageur Press, McGraw Hill, and the good folks at Guidepost Books.  Her articles have appeared in numerous anthologies and other publications, both in print and online.

    She is a former board member and past  Editor of  the, website of  the National Society of Newspaper Columnists, the oldest and largest professional organization for columnists. She is the Web Editor of Southern  and  a founder of the Southern Humorists writers' organization. She is writer, editor, and webmaster of

    To carry her weekly column in your newspaper, or to republish an article, please contact her. It's that easy. 

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I'm a Mosquito Banquet
They are buzzing like vultures
Wild Women of the Succulent Something Home On the Kitchen Range
I give up!
Life In a Rut
Not much to do
Life From the Good Side
No more complaints
Fighting the Frizzies
My hair was a mess
Tax Forms, Tax Forms, Tax Forms - I hate taxes
Talking about the weather
Cheap vs. Thrifty
Watching television
Do You Like Chocolate?
World of chocolate goes by
The Runaway
Here kitty, kitty, kitty
Home Tweet Home
Dad made birdhouses
Scarecrow Interview
I'm just a straw man.
Hoarders' Heaven
Cleaning the attic again
This gnat is make me crazy.
It's right in my face
If I Had More Time
Oh, the things I could do!
A,B,C & D of Medicare
Getting presc drug coverage
Road Rage at Walmart
Riding Electric Carts
Message from the Car
Getting things clear
Two Table Tango
Bad restaurant customers
Sleepy Head
What has come over me?
Goodbye 4th of July
Note from the dog
The Seventy-Year-Old Car
What is that clackity noise?
Easy (For some people) Cheesecake
A Recipe
The Wrong Day
It must be dementia
Dem Bone, Dem Bones
Dem Crazy Bones
A Browser is a Browser
Unless It's a Firefox
Beetle Mania
We were infested
How to Burn Down the House
Bake a Pizza
The Cold Weather Report
Reporting the weather
A Cold Day in Hell
Stranded on the road
Explaining the Winter Olympics
Let the Games be Done
My Cat is a Junkie
How Friskie got High
Where is MH370?
The Last Telephone
Buying a Land Line Phone
The Office Incident
A bloody accident
Tomato Festival
A Nashville street festival
An Interview with Siri
The iPhone Personal Assistant
The Exodus
The Office is Moving
Just the Cold Hard Facts
About a stupid refrigerator
Are You Smarter than Your Smart Phone?
Apple Time
Too many apples
Pirates Aplenty
The baseball kind
As Seen On TV
Tempted by commercials
Missing and Presumed Lost
My glasses are gone again.
In Pursuit of a Purse
I need a new pocketbook
Git 'er Done
Cleaning the closet again
Processing the Upgrade
New computers
Interview with Peter Cottontail
Interviewing the Easter Bunny
The iPad Lesson
What will you do with it?
The Online Dating Site
How do you quit it?
A Taxing Experience
Time to pay up
Festival of the Moon
A National Holiday in China
To the Mattresses
A four-day sale
Southern Places to See Before You Die
Grandma's Secret Recipe
Favorite homemade fruitcake 
Ode to Coffee Mugs
I like a large cup.
A Jaded Week
The too green necklace
The New Doctor
The old one hurt his back.
Green Wheels
Running on nitrogen
Pondering Purple
I have a thing about purple
Extreme Densification
Is that a word?
Life is a Bowl of Cherries
So why am I in the pits?
The Barbecue Joint
Pigging out with the locals
Lewis Grizzard's Typewriter
A vintage Royal manual
Do Old People Smell?
You can't get rid of it.
Chariots of Fire
Flat tire on the Interstate
What Begins with C?
Cancer and colonoscophy
In a Hurry
Why are we in a hurry?
Daddy's Gone-a-Hunting
The joys of eating wild game
Death by Taxes
The dreaded preparation
It's a Social Media World
200 million people on Facebook
Tornado Warning
Storms again today
A Yankee in Nashville
Trailers for rent
The Wrong Turn
A story landed in my lap.
A Writer's Life
I'm going to write a column.
Wrinkles Revisited
New wrinkle release product
Worry Wart Syndrome
Worry out of proportions
Interview with Old Man Winter
I'm a Widow
Don't you hate that word?
The White Stuff
It Snowed Today
Where Are Things When You Need Them? Weird Holidays
National Columnists Day

The Gift Card
The Most Wanted Gift

Climbing Dunn River Falls
A trip to
The Wart Has Got to Go
An Ancient Plague
Wanda and the Catfish
Fun at the Catfish House
It's Almost Over
The scoop on voting
The Waiting Room
Trauma at the hospital
Eat Your Veggies
Prez has aversion to broccoli
A Visit With Mom
You Eat Till You Ache
Vacation at Home
Time to relax and unwind
The Veep
Tennessee's Favorite Son
Understanding a Mother
Mothers love unconditionally
Dust of an Unlucky Moon
Disaster follows my daughter
Plan Ahead for a Smooth Turkey Day The Uncouth Tooth
I think I am cursed. 
A Tribute to Jason
I was your customer.
Turkeys Unite!
It's time to panic.
Opry at the Ryman
They give your money's worth
Pretty in Pink
Getting a Pedicure
Go Titans Go!
Titans in the SuperBowl 
The Clockorcism
My alarm clock hates me.
Mamma and the Thunderstorms
She was afraid beyond reason
Message of Thanksgiving
Learn to be thankful 
A Taxing Experience
Income tax time again
The Truth About Tennessee
We are all rednecks here
The S-Word
A snowflake has fallen
Table for Two
Trying to have a quiet dinner
Supply Order
Our printer cartridge died
Dumbness Survey
Which states are dumber?
Superbowl Silly
The macho celebration 
I'm Not Fat, I'm Supersize
Calories do count.
The Art of Storytelling
Festival in East Tennessee
The Importance of Being Stupid - Playing dumb
The Sting
Humiliated by an Insect
Stormy Weather
Caught in the rain
Spring Forward - Fall Back
Dallying with the clock.
Selling Naming Rights
Football stadiums do it.
Ready fer Some Football?
We're a major league city now.
Spaghetti Supper
Time to learn to cook
Could That Be Snow?
Severe weather warning
Soapy Sunday
Bubbles drifted in the air
The Skechers
I love cute shoes
Where There's Smoke...
It was a close call.
I've Been Sick
My knee replacement surgery
The Singles Bar
Suddenly single
Read something inspirational
Shop till You Drop
Getting shopping fever
The Savings Place
Groceries at Wal-Mart
Saving Time
Using time, losing time
The Sandwich
How complicated is it?
My Dog Ate Saran Wrap
Gizmo is a good dog.
The Good Samaritan
We had a blow-out
Road Trip to Texas
We decided to drive
Delicious Rewards
My lunch bag finally came.
Pet Play
What happens at home
Red, White and Blue
A strange affliction 
Who is that Masked Man?
He's the Lone Ranger
Raleigh, Really?
One of the smartest cities
The Anniversary Quilt
Double Wedding-Ring 
The Princess of Pop
What's all the fuss?
The Pizza Place
Where do you want to eat?
Pizza, Pizza
Friday is pizza night
Pill Popper
A pill for every symptom
The Passenger Pickup Lane
Lost in the airport maze
Camera Phone Photo
My first granddaughter
The Pep Talk
Time for the big game
I Love a Parade
Second lining in New Orleans
Pajama Mania
A fashion fad
Painting the Town Green
A do-it-yourself project
Over the River 
and Through the Woods
The Grand Ole Opry
Home of country music
The Future is Hiding in the Car They call it OnStar The Ten-Hour Oil Change
Time to change the oil
One Fish, Two Fish
Getting the fish eye
Let the Games be Done
Olympic toga party
Old Stuff
Aging happens to other people.
Spring Break for a Columnist - Oklahoma City
Text abbreviations blessed
Whadda Ya Mean It's Not Love?
New Orleans in the Summer
The party never stops in NOLA
Nature's Bounty
The apple tree
Ms. Natural Woman
What is it with my hair?
Mule Day
Good Ol' Boy Heaven
The Last Time I Saw Motown
Detroit, Motor City, Motown
Misery Loves Company
I have a sore throat.
Helpful Hints from a 
I Might Be a Redneck
A trash dump excites me.
What To Do With a Brass Moose The Mad Dash
I hate to be late for work.
Fourth of July
How to celebrate
Fashionable and Free
Free lunch bag
Oh, My Lucky Stars
Bad things happen in threes
A Love Gift
Dazzle your Valentine
The Year of the Locust
Cicadas have invaded
Between Lines
Standing in line again
The Death of Old Leaky
The ice cubes were melting
Better Late Than Later
Those nagging home repairs
Kitchen Man
He's baking cookies
Kids Rule
Don't ever forget it.
The Kate & William Show
The royal wedding
Just Suppose
Your daydreams came true
Junk Mail Junk
Inside a SPAM filter
Junk Cars, Tall Grass and Tradition
Juggling Cars
No way to get home
Jimbo's Famous Baked Potato
Brave New iWorld
iPad, iPod, iPhone, iTunes

The Irish-for-a-Day
Everyone wants to be Irish.
An Interview with Santa
An exclusive interview
iPhone Not for Dummies
I'm not a gadget person
The Pro Hockey Game
My first ever hockey game
The Interview
I already had a great job.
Hysterical History of Thanksgiving How Hot Is It?
Don't sweat it.
How Hot Is Hot?
Hot enough to fry and egg?
Home Improvements
My roof leaks had to go
Battle of the Bush
Trimming the Holly Bush
Holiday Inn
First NetWits Convention
Hoarding Boxes
I had to empty closets
I Want to Go to Hershey
Just follow your nose
Hello Operator
Love affair with the telephone
The Heaven Eye
I didn't like it.
The Haunted House
Prime real estate
Toys for Grownups
Which gift to buy
Gourmet Junk Mail
Food gift catalogs 
Goodbye Stress
Taking care of me
Going Buggy
It can't be termites!
Going Crazy
I've departed my senses
The Season of Giving and Taking Wee Geek
Child discovers computer
The Future is Hiding in the Car
GPS in action
The Fungus Among Us
Afflicted with Minor Ailments
This is Your Brain on Football
I HATE Football.
Careful What You Ask For
Free at last
Flash Flood!
What in the world?
Things I've Learned from Fireflies
How to Become a Victim
of Financial Fraud
We Are Testing the Fire Alarm System 
A Fast Woman
My new cable connection
February Wary
A clunker of a month
Bringing in Fall
Are you ready for autumn?
Another Year, Another Reunion - Family Reunion
Cat Tale
Involved in a catfight
Fun at the Faire
I forgot I wasn't going
Wasting Time on Facebook
I didn't get anything done
Face Fixing
Learning to use cosmetics
Explaining Extra Bucks
Explain that to an allergy dr.
Eying the Eye Doctor
Those awful eye drops
Elvis Land
We do worship Elvis
The Escape Artist
We adopted a wild cat.
12 Easy Steps
for Wrapping Perfect Gifts
Who Burned the Popcorn?
I like microwave popcorn.
The places are a zool.
Elvis Land
We do worship Elvis
Out, Please!
Button pushers on elevators
Cooking Up a New Stove
Sparks shot across the room
Election Reflection
It's finally done
I want it to be over
How to East Healthy
Conspiracy to make people fat
Seeing Blue on eBay
Forced to bid
The Eat-It-Up Diet
Sick of being hungry?
The Earth Shoes
Time for sandals
The Dust Mite War
Fighting it my entire life
The Mother-in-Law Dress
Mother of the groom
The Great Drapery Hanging
An ordeal at my house
Dollywood Dolly
Hooray for Dollywood!
Gone to the Dogs
In the back of a pick-up truck
Dog Gone
A dog lives under the bed
Dog for Sale
One dog too many
Doctor Will See You Now
Dr. offices are too automated
Dishwasher Disaster
Dead in a poof of smoke
Letter from Detroit
Been a while since I wrote
The Dental Emergency
Ouch, I screamed. 
Deep Sea Fishing 101
You must go to the sea.
The Only Good Bug 
is a Dead Bug
Honoring Dear Old Dad
Father's Day
A Day at the Park
The wildlife isn't wild.
It's Only a Matter of Time
Daylight Saving Time
Daddy's Garage
A private man's place
Bye, Bye, Barry, Goodbye
A humor columnist leaves
The Case of the Curly Cut
Ladies have a chat.
Feedback from a Valued Customer - An actual email
Call me Curley
Lucky? I don't think so.
I've Been Bitten by Crocs
A hideous, mud-flap shoe
The Covered-Dish Luncheon
Theme was "eat healthy."
War Correspondents Creed
This is my videophone
A Cool Grandma
I am cool, y'all.
Corvette Fever
I get flack about my car.
To Cook or Not to Cook
Eat a frozen turkey dinner
How to Cook a Real Turkey
The big day is coming.
The Conspiracy
Telemarketers watch out
What's Cooking
Cooking lessons
Addicted to the Computer
Who? Me?
The Computer Crash
The screen went black.
Cog in a Wheel
Another rainy day
National Columnists Day
April 18th
Luv a Clown
Jolly happy characters
Caf� Cocoa and the Alien
A Strange Looking Place
Back Seat Driver
Getting harder all the time
Clothes Gone Crazy
I keep buying more
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Large & chewy cookies
Closet Gourmet
Tired of frozen dinners
The Great Ceiling Scrape
The handy man wasn't handy
Child-proofing You Home
Advice from a grandmother
Candy is Dandy
Sugar & Spice
Dream Car
Full speed ahead
Cabin Fever
Feeling stir crazy
Call Me Later
Ban on cell phones
Hamster Goes From Buddy...
No more hamsters
Who Burned the Popcorn?
In the office microwave
Revenge of the Breast
About Janet
Bring Back the Clowns
Getting to normal
Wild, Blue, Yonder
They flew...they're gone
The Scarlet Check Bouncer
I wrote a bad check.
An Awesome Conference
At Indiana University
What Big Teeth You Have
Big Bluetooth
Black Friday
In more ways than one
God Bless the IRS
Uncle Sam calls me
The Cinnamon Raisin Bagel
In the office toaster
The Birthday Boy
Honey has a birthday
Baghdad Natalie
And the Dixie chickens
Barefoot Barbie
Purchased at Walmart
New Atlantis
New Orleans sank 
Tennessee Aviation Days
The airshow came and went
Dry as Arizona
Pouring down rain
Take Two Aspirin
And call me
Fifteen Minutes of Fame
I was famous this week.
Storytelling Animal Festival
Hugh herds of animals came
Alligator Tale
I have an ouchie
It's Almost Over
Ways to mess up the vote
Achy, Breaky
Remember Billy Ray Cyrus?
Sweet Home Alabamar
Alabama road signs in Mass.
Rubberbands Latest Fad
Kids are going gaga
Severe Winter Weather
Watch out for artic blast
Domestic Diva
VS Grumpy Granny
Too Much Thanksgiving
Quips about Thanksgiving
Fleeing the Flu
Enough about flu shots
Hell's TV
What happed to sit-coms?
Remembering Autumn
I want to go back to childhood
The Sky's a-Falling
I felt like Henny Penny
Finally Friday
TGIF Smile it's Friday
A New Place
Corridors, halls, and signs
Afflicted by Arthur
He is quite a character
A Shooting Spree
Bang! Pow! Take that!
False Teeth Fiasco
Tooth fairy rejected me
Dear Wife Swap
As seen on television
Time to Call the Plumber
Strange gurgling noises
What Color is Brown?
I decided to dye my hair
Losing my Head
If it wasn't fastened on...
Do-it-youself - Easy Assembly
The chair was unassembled
Liberation from Purses
Trying to lighten the load
Hasta la vista Ventura
California tourist destination
Where do they  come from?
Walmart was packed 
The luxury of carpets
Road Trip
Meet me in St. Louis
Invisible Dust
The dust no one can see
Understanding A Mother
The umbilical cord is never cut
Living to be 100
Who wants to live to 100?
Girls Who Wear Glasses
Boys don't make passes
The Somalia Pirate Dog
The newest Top Dog
I'm always a day late
Turtleneck Sweaters
Too hot for summer 

The Sales People
Solicitors like dandelions

The Vacuum Cleaner
The best bad invention

Saving Time
Daylight saving time
The Hospital Experience
Orthopedic surgery
Friday the 13th
I�m not superstitious
Donuts to Go
It must have been a curse
Puppy Love
How can she be in heat?
Winter Storm
The winter storm that wasn't
50 Questions
Filling out medical forms
Economics for Blondes
Money, money, money
Happy Flu Year
Season to be sneezin'
Wish List for Santa
What we really need is...
The New Computer System
We don't get it
Losing It
Where's the cell phone?

HotWings and Tears
When wings are too hot

Just Plain Sarah & 
GI Joe the Plumber

Barbara and the dishes
She hated washing dishes

Beowulf was here
And that's what happened...

The Gas Crisis
Why is there no gas?

Howl-o-ween Party
A party for dogs?

Sr. Discounts
Who me, a senior?

Running for the Running Mate - Why not me?

A Dog with no Name
How could we call it?

Olympic Prodigy
Why not my granddaughter?

Hooked on eBay
Time for final bidding?

My Cat Can Fly
Hutch to hutch to hutch

Progress Comes to Town
New shopping center 

Murphy's Laws for Little League Baseball

To Do or Not To Do
What to do?

Pass the Biscuits
It's a southern thang

Here Come the Mules
Mule Day again

The Blue Angels
Flying group in town

Hello Spring
Spring is out of control

Little Boy Lost
He knows where he is.

Speaking of Starbucks
A craze I don't understand

No, No, Not Snow!
It's March, for Pete's sake

The Rest of the Story
A trip to Florida

One Day at a Time with AT&T
Never change your ISP

Playing the Comb
How to make music

My Chili Recipe
The great chili cook-off

Magic Watch
Made by Mickey

Winter Vacation
Going to mouseland

Learning to Drive
In the old

Bad Hair Day
A bad hair job

Home Alone
Our canine visitor

Groovy Grandma
The new iPod player 

Hand Painted
With red paint

The Hoarder
An attic full of junk

Decorator's Dream Room
Brown mustard walls  

Blue Sequin Jacket
Outshining Elvis

Getting the Kids Back in School
School daze

The Therapeutic Massage
Would she knead me like dough?

Shopping Fever
Addicted to thrift stores

Grandma the Baby-Sitter
She wore me out

New car or new toy?
Time for a trade in

Personal Shopper
Guardian shopping angel?

Not Amused by Amusement Park
I feel sick!

A Living Symbol 
- The American Flag

I've been bitten by Crocs
Ugliest shoes ever

Wake Up & Smell the Coffeepot Melting 

Little League 
Take Me Out to the Ballgame

It's May! It's May!
Renaissance Faire

The Caveman
I know it was him

Night at the Opry
Twangin' & Plunkin'

Writer's Workshop

Spring is Sprung
War on Weeds

Running without Rhythm
Daylight Savings Time

Smyrna, TN

Medicare Madness
 Also called parts A,B,C, & D

Mentioning the Unmentionable
History of Toilet Paper

Getting Nailed
Acrylic Fingernail Craze

The Germ Freak
They are everywhere

From Your Valentine
I love you isn't enough

Invisible Snow
I can't see any snow!

Fantasy Football vs The Hottub
They Were Witches

The Starving Artist Art Sale
Art to Match Any Sofa

The Gambler
 Losing at the Lottery

Who is That Masked Man?
It's the Lone Ranger!

Incredible Growing Spaghetti
I couldn't eat it all!

Never Too Old for Toys
Do you remember childhood toys?

You Might Be Car-Crazy
Is the car a part of the family?

The Storytelling Festival
It's pretty self-descriptive

Self-Service World
Pay at the Pump

It's NOT Good for You
Spinach and E.coli

The Walking Horses
Visit to the National Celebration

Pigging Out
Joys of pulled pork barbecue

School Daze
Is it September?

No Ice
Refrigerator Repair Woe

Old Sol Interview
Why so hot?

Tips to Beat the Heat
Keeping your cool

Pie In Your Face
A recent survey

In the Pink
My new cell phone

I'm Not BIG Enough
Riding the Roller Coaster

Hardware Hike
Stores are just too big

Festival, Second Time Around
 I could have had fun

Greased Lightning
I'm just too old to keep up

Strawberry Shortcake
Only 3 ingredients?

Hamster Dance
When you are old enough

On Writing Humor
Time for term  papers

The Wild Elevator Ride
Why can't the work right?

Musical Rooms
Like musical chairs... almost

HumorScope for the Year
What�s in the stars? 

 You've Gotta Glow
Story of three green pigs
Something's Fishy Here
Genetically engineered  fish 
Wire, Breaker Bar, & Lightbulb
Why so much trouble to get them?
Painting a Purple House
I've never seen a purple cow...
Empty-Nest Syndrome
When children leave the nest
Sleepless in a Sleep Clinic
How can anyone sleep?

Clean Up, Spruce Up, Fix Up
And watch out for adrenaline

What's In A Name?
I Don't Have a Nickname.

The Plumber
You can only ignore a leak for so long

Let's Just Walk
A football game without parking

Furniture Safari
Who wants new furniture?

It's a Dirty Business
The real story of country living

It Isn't Spring Yet
So don't get spring fever

All About Grits
Sort of like cream of wheat.

Cooking with Garlic
We had garlic for dinner tonight.
Going to the Mountains
A Father's Day Tribute
Interview with a Turkey
Thanksgiving is coming!
Mammogram Morning
Rant about women's health 
E-mail to Cupid
One small favor to ask
Alpha Betta
I agreed to a pet fish.
The Pizza Place
I didn't think we would find it.
Baby, It's Cold Outside
Managing winter weather
Invisible Cat
Hell hath no fury...

The White Stuff
Snow in the South

Things Can Always Get Worse!
So.. a few things went wrong?
To Sleep or Not To Sleep
Worrying about sleep disorders

Super Shopping
Football vs. Shopping

My TV Has Bad Hair
Poof - no picture!
Say, Can You See?
 Shopping for eyewear
Going Buggy
Termite info and tips on control

Party Animal
My honey is behaving obsessively.

The Chef Strikes Again
Another cooking lesson
The Rooster Pitcher
There really is such a thing

Rain, Rain, Go Away!
I feel as if it will never stop.

Following Directions
Even if they get me lost

My Friend Jenny
I'll never get THAT overweight!
Tree Hugging
Some trees have a pedigree
Time Out
My grandson has gone home.
A Evening with the Tourists
Green Thumb
I just don't have it - Why?
To the Computer Support Desk
What's Safe Mode?
Nashville ethnic festival
Tips on Doing Housework
Cleaning the Caveman's Cave
Take Time to be Thankful
Thoughts for Thanksgiving 
Dear Gaylord Texan
Texas sure is BIG
Fall Forward? Fall Back?
Reinventing time
Once Upon a Renaissance
In a land just over the hill ... 
A Boy's First Frog
The stuff of a small boy dreams 
Goin' to the Crick
It's just across the road
The Laws for Offices
Don't check email.
Wild, Blue, Yonder
The airshow is back in town
See Ya Later Alligator!
Get out - permanently!
Suggestions for Summer
How to have fun in the sun
Bird Clock Revisited
A Singing Bird Clock
Spring Break in Pittsburgh
Not a Cracker Barrel in sight!
See Rock City
Seven States? I don't think so...
The Vegetable Garden
Spring and the weekend farmer
I'm So Middle-Aged That...
Laments of growing older
Survivor South
Where surviving is a way of life
Ancient guys play rock 
Of Boys and Red Balloons
The store was a forest of balloons
Talking Trash
I'm up to my chin in the stuff!
The Tradition
It's time for another reunion.
Dear IRS
No fine? No penalty? No audit?
I'm Bored
Whose problem is that?
Happy Birthday to Me
What's worse?
When You Snooze...
Never let a man buy the groceries!
Sacking the SuperBowl
Most-watch TV program of year
Season for Sneezin'
The story on seasonal allergies
The Makeover
All they see is your hair

Blessed are the Trailer Trash
A look at mobile homes

What's Your Hurry?
Why is everyone in a hurry?
In Tribute
September 11, 2002
The Accident
I was hit by a semi
To Mom
Honoring Mom
The very unofficial version of a columnist convention
What to Wear
Weather keeps changing
Two Faces of Christmas
Christmas Coot vs Granny Grinch
Oh, Christmas Tree
What happened to real tree
Interview with Mrs. Claus
Behind a great man
The Cat's New Tree
At last the tree is up
The Yuletide Stalker
Help! I'm being stalked.
101 Things to Do
With a Dead Christmas Tree
Death of an Angel
Broken into pieces
All I Want for Christmas
Two front teeth
Cat Toy
Exactly what he wanted
Green Stuff
A holiday tradition
Dear Santa
I'm not the only grinch
Dear Santa 
Writing to say hello
Blue Christmas
I'm contagious!
Christmas Weather Forecast
A special weather statement
I'm a Grinch
But maybe next year
Letter to Santa
I'm still around
Bubba's New Years' Resolutions I Resolve
Beginning a New Year
Gonna be a Better New Year

Happy Online New Year 
Spending more time on net

Better New Year
Gonna be a better year
With Resolution
Another New Year
Bringing Up the Baby New Year
Advice for a new year
Christmas Spirit
Planet Christmas
Christmas 365 Days a Year
The Kitchen Tree
Another year, another tree
New Year's Resolution
Will resolution succeed?
Mind Your Peas
Black-eyed peas on New Year's 

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